GaAs Hall element signal conditioning chip JHM9000

JHM9000 is a signal conditioning chip designed for GaAs Hall elements, which can realize the function of linear Hall sensor with proportional voltage output.

JHM9000 is a signal conditioning IC designed for GaAs Hall elements. The integrated amplifiers with precise gain and offset tuning capability amplifies the input bridge signal and provide a ratiometric voltage output. Over 200kHz signal bandwidth ensures fast response to magnetic field change with typical response time as low as 1.5μs. A temperature signal from an on-chip sensor is digitized by ADC and fed to compensation unit, which provides up to 2nd order compensation for thermal drifts of the offset and sensitivity of hall element.

In configuration mode the output pin is also used as single-wire serial data interface for calibration with only 3 wires to the outside. Calibration and configuration data for a specific sensor are stored in MTP. JHM9000 supports over supply voltage protection and wide ambient temperature range (-40℃ to 125℃), which required by automotive application.


  • Analog proportional voltage output

  • Operating ambient temperature range(-40~125℃)

  • User programmable sensitivity, static voltage and temperature drift compensation

  • Provide bare chips and SOP8 package chips

  • Internal MTP supports 4 times of programming

  • User programming using only one line interface

  • The response time to magnetic field after connecting Hall elements reaches 1.5 us

  • Support 3-pin package calibration



During calibration, SIO needs 3.3k pull-up resistor for OWI communication protocol. After calibration, the pull-up resistor can be removed. The load capacitance on the SIO pin is recommended to be 100pF, and the signal bandwidth is 200kHz. The load capacitance can be adjusted according to the required signal bandwidth.


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