High-precision Sensor Signal Conditioning IC JHM1203

JHM1203 is the sensor signal conditioning IC designed for consumer electronics such as the applications of mobiles, Pads, IoT, etc. They could be packaged as SSOP10L.

The JHM1203 is a high accuracy signal conditioning IC designed for differential resistive bridge sensor signals for high resolution altimeter module applications. A low-noise instrumentation amplifier with gain and offset tuning capability amplifies the input bridge signal to a level which fits the input range of a 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converter. The digitized input is compensated up to 2nd order for thermal drifts of offset and gain as well as non-linearity in digital domain. A temperature signal from an on-chip sensor is digitized and fed to the compensation circuit, too. The compensation coefficients can be written to the on-chip programmable non-volatile memory (OTP). The measured and corrected bridge values and temperature values can be read through the I²C interface.


Supply voltage1.8-3.6V
Operation temperature-40~+125℃
Digital interfaceI2C
Coversion frequency5~1000Hz


  • High linearity of internal temperature sensor, provide temperature measurement for compensations

  • Programmable interrupt control

  • High accuracy 24-bit Σ-ΔADC

  • Programmable gain of the pre-amplifier 13.2x~72x

  • High accuracy (±0.1%FSO@-25~+125°C)

  • Digitally correct offset, gain, linearity over temperature. Second-order compensation can be enabled for temperature coefficients of gain, offset and linearity

  • Current consumption depends on programmed sample rate. Average current 0.5mA when working at maximum sampling rate. Standby current is 0.1μA

JHM120X Block Diagram



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