Automotive Sensor Signal Conditioning IC JHM110X

JHM110X integrated circuit chip is the automotive sensor signal conditioning integrated circuit chip. There are three kinds of products in JHM110X----JHM1101 , JHM1102 and JHM1103. The JHM1101 is MSOP10L, JHM1102 is SOP8L and JHM1103 is DFN10L. Of course the customized semiconductor packaging could also be chosen. As a digital programmable IC of signal conditioning chip, JHM110X is mainly used in resistance bridge pressure sensors.

The JHM110X is a highly stable and reliable signal conditioning integrated circuit designed for differential resistive bridge sensor signals. Measured and correct bridge values are provided at SO pin, which can be configured as an analog voltage output or as a single-wire digital output.

For bridge sensor signals, the JHM110X performs high accuracy amplification and 14-bit A/D conversion, with amplifier gains and ADC input range offset configurable. A temperature signal from an on-chip sensor is digitized and fed to the compensation circuit, which can compensate for sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and non-linearity up to the 2nd order. The compensation coefficients can be written to the on-chip one-time programmable non-volatile memory (OTP) via a single-wire interface.

The JHM110X also features a 12-bit DAC, which conveniently outputs analog signals that are linear proportional to the differential input of the sensor. With an external JFET to form a regulated circuit, the JHM110X can operate directly with supply voltage up to 30V, making it convenient to meet the needs of many automotive, industrial and other applications.


Power supply voltage(digital)2.7~5.5V
Power supply voltage(analog)4.0~5.5V
Power supply voltage(JFET)5.5~30V
Operating temperature range-40~125℃
Sampling rateUp to 1 hz


  • High Accuracy: Up to ±0.1%FSO@-25~+85℃, and ±0.25%FSO@-40~+125℃ in digital output mode

  • Multiple Output Methods: Single-wire digital output,rail-to-rail analog voltage output, 0V~1V analog and PWM output

  • The analog preamplifier has a programmable gain of 4-gears, allowing the sensor signal input of<1mV/V, which can correct zero point deviations on a large range

  • Independently programmable high and low clipping levels

  • Built-in temperature sensing circuit, external temperature sensing component can also be used

  • Two-stage ADC structure: Conversion accuracy : 14-bit; Maximum update rate: ~1 kHz

  • Current consumption depends on programmed sample rate: 1.5 mA(typically)

  • Passed AEC-Q100 test

JHM110X Block Diagram



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