Meter SoC with 8-way 24 bit ADC JHM3802

The JHM3802 is a programmable SOC integrated circuit with 32-bit embedded processor and signal conditioning of sensor.

JHM3802 is a SoC chip specially developed for instrumentation applications. It integrates a 32-bit RISC microprocessor and sensor analog front-end signal processing circuit including low-noise pre-amplifier with configurable gain, an 8-channel 24-bit high-resolution sigma-delta ADC, and a built-in high linearity temperature sensor.


CPU operating frequency(adjustable)100kHz~80MHz
Operating voltage2.0~5.5V
Operating current(20MHz)<5mA
Standby power<8uA
Packaging specificationLQFP48 ETC

CPU characteristics

  • One cycle instruction

  • 32-bit high-performance RISC CPU

  • Maximum operating frequency of CPU 80MHz

  • The operating frequency can be adjusted from 100KHz to 80MHz

  • Each interrupt has an interrupt entry, which can reduce the interrupt source query

  • CPU can work at 32MHz without waiting when running in flash

  • CPU runs in internal RAM to a true working frequency of 80MHz without waiting

Storage space

  • 64K Byte MTP memory

  • 256 Byte EEPROM

  • 16K Byte SRAM can be used as data or program for fast running

Peripheral Features 

  • 8 way ADC

  • Noise free resolution up to 19 bits

  • Sampling frequency 1KHz

  • PGA inside ADC for small signal amplification

  • Support multiple 1.1~72X


  • Individual OP

  • I²C interface

  • Built in PLL

  • 32-bit RTC

  • Segment LCD support

  • 4-way independent PWM

  • Internal POR

  • UART interface

  • Built in 4KHz OSC

  • 2-way 32-bit independent Timer

  • 56 GPIOs

  • SPI interface

  • 2 built-in LDOs

  • 3232-bit WDT

  • Amorphous USB1.1

  • Digital Sigma Delta sound (up to 24bit)

JHM3802 Block Diagram


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