Body Temperature Sensor IC JHM3000

The JHM3000 is a CMOS integrated circuit with signal conditioning for body temperature measurement. The 14-bit ADC is integrated within the chip, and the transmission is efficient by PPM coding.

JHM3000 is a high-resolution temperature sensor IC for human body temperature measurement in an DFN-8 package. Only VDD, VSS and SO pins needs to be connected to external MCU. The 14-bit temperature data with resolution less than 0.01℃ is continuously output via SO pin. JHM3000 can achieve ±0.1 ℃ measurement accuracy in the range of 32℃ ~42℃ after simple calibration.


Voltage supply1.5~3.6V
Current consumption during measurement150μA
Current consumption during data transmission20μA
Measuring temperature range32℃~ 47℃
Recommended temperature measurement range32℃~ 42℃
Baud rate of single line communication2.5kbps

JHM3000 Block Diagram


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